Vancouver Restaurant: Marutama Ra-men

After being disappointed by every single ramen shops in Calgary, Kev and I reached the conclusion that Vancouver is the ultimate place for ramen enjoyment in western Canada. On our trip to Vancouver this summer, we stopped by Marutama Ra-men to satiate our ramen craving and keep up with the noodle trend.


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Calgary Restaurant: Cafe 100%

Disclaimer: I was formally invited and ate with the restaurant owner. The meal was paid for by Cafe 100%. The review does not include comments on service because we were obviously treated differently as invited guests as opposed to restaurant patrons. All opinions are my own and I tried my best to highlight the goods and bads. All photos (except the ‘entrance’ shot) are provided by the restaurant. 

I was honored to be invited by Cafe 100% earlier this month to visit their restaurant. Just opened about 2 months ago, Cafe 100% has quickly captured attention, particularly from young adults. Having heard my Chinese friends praising about their food, I made a mental note to try certain dishes, but never really got the chance to check it out myself. As the opportunity came along, Kev and I gladly accepted it. It’s about time to try something new! Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Ikemen Ramen Bar


Just as we thought we were done with all the ramen bars in Calgary, Ikemen joined the bustling neighborhood of Kensington with its competitors Muku and Menyatai. Emphasizing on using chicken broth instead of pork broth, this newly opened ramen bar quickly became the talk of the town.

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Calgary Restaurant: Goro + Gun

Just returning from Taiwan where top-notch Japanese noodle houses are overly abundant, I currently have very low desire to try ramen in the western land. Especially after having tried most of the Japanese ramen restaurants in Calgary (including Muku, Shiki Menya, Shijiki) and discovered none of them were up to the standard, I have lost confidence in finding one that is truly authentic.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Shiki Menya


With only so many ramen places in the city (Menyatai, Shikiji, Muku), it is hard to miss out on Shiki Menya! Claiming that they make everything from scratch and serve limited quantities of ramen daily, Shiki Menya is drawing crowds to dine at its young, hip noodle house.

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Calgary Restaurant: Menyatai Japanese Ramen

Menyatai has been our to-go place for ramen in the city. We first visited there in February and we’ve been continually going back there whenever we have a craving for ramen. It is a cute little restaurant in Kensington. The bright-color furniture and clean, simple interior created a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. Click to read more!

Taiwan Restaurant: 花月嵐拉麵 Kagetsu Arashi Ramen

Japanese ramen is something we could not miss when going back to Taiwan. Because of how geographically close Taiwan is to Japan (and our constant craving for Japanese food), authentic Japanese restaurants are plentiful in Taiwan.

In this post, I am going to introduce to you one of our favorite Japanese ramen places in Taiwan. Kagetsu Arashi Ramen is one of the biggest ramen chains in Japan with more than 200 stores. In 2007, it expanded abroad and came to Taiwan. Now, there are more than 15 branches all over Taiwan.

Source: Kagetsu Arashi Official Website

Source: Kagetsu Arashi official website

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