[Seoul] Delicious Marinated Chicken at Yoogane Dak Galbi (유가네 닭갈비)

Originally not on our to-eat list, we stumbled across Yoogane on our last day in Seoul while finishing up last-minute shopping in Myeongdong. Back then, we just wanted to grab a quick lunch and tried something authentically Korean that we hadn’t already eaten. At that time, we didn’t realize that Yoogane is actually one of the famous Korean chicken galbi (grilled dish) brands in Korea. It has even expanded overseas to China, Singapore and Indonesia!

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Vancouver Restaurant: Marutama Ra-men

After being disappointed by every single ramen shops in Calgary, Kev and I reached the conclusion that Vancouver is the ultimate place for ramen enjoyment in western Canada. On our trip to Vancouver this summer, we stopped by Marutama Ra-men to satiate our ramen craving and keep up with the noodle trend.


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[Seoul] The Most Comforting Bowl of Soondubu Jjigae at Jaedong Soondubu (재동순두부)

I still remember I had my first bowl of soondubu jjigae (spicy tofu stew) at BCD Tofu House in New York City. Bubbling in a hot-stone pot, the combination of soondubu (extra soft tofu), meat, seafood, vegetables in a spicy broth comforted me in the cold winter days. Undeniably, it has become my go-to Korean dish when I need something to warm up my belly.  Click to read more!

[Seoul] Late Night Snacks at Kinfolk Kitchen (킨포크키친) in Myeongdong

Have you ever been too indulged in shopping that you forgot eating, and when you realized, all nearby restaurants were already closed? Don’t be surprised. Even in a city that never sleeps like Seoul, we were wondering on the streets of Myeongdong empty-stomached. 10 pm was considered early in Seoul, but most shops and restaurants already started to close down at that hour. Kev and I desperately sought for a restaurant that was still open to provide some freshly made food, but to no avail.  Click to read more!

[Seoul] Spicy Pork Bone With Potato Soup at Idaejo Bbyeodagui (이대조뼈다귀)

Korean cuisine is not just about kimchi and BBQ. Soups and stews are extremely popular in Korea, especially during the cold winter. When Kev and I visited Seoul this summer, we stopped by a famous pork bone soup restaurant in Hongdae, in the midst of our a shopping spree madness. The umami-rich broth and mountainful of fresh ingredients definitely deserved a thumbs up! 


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Calgary Restaurant: Anju

As an aficionado of Korean cooking and Asian fusion cuisine, Anju had long been on my list of places to eat. The only reason I held off from dining there was Kev’s low tolerance for spicy food. Last month, when he finally suggested for us to eat there, I was ravished with delight!


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[韓國] 到韓國人家裡做客,體驗道地韓國料理



今年夏天,我跟凱文飛到韓國拍婚紗照,順便觀光。出發前,我輾轉的認識了Anispoon (又名「愛食粉」)這個平台。 繼續閱讀!