Calgary Restaurant: Burger 320

This is the first year Kev and I attended Beakerhead, a week-long city-wide festival that celebrates engineered art. It did not only engage ingenious engineers, artists and scientists to showcase their talent and creativity, but also brought a whole new experimental dining experience to Calgarians. This year, creative chefs were called upon to explore a specific theme – eggs!

Looking through the list of participating restaurants in Engineered Eats, I recognized a burger place that we hadn’t explored yet – Burger 320. On top of that, it invented an intriguing, egg-citing dessert that made me curious to know how it tasted!

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Calgary Restaurant: Market


There is a big movement in Calgary in the recent years towards local and sustainable sourced food to promote healthy eating. We began seeing many restaurants with a focus on quality of life and interest in building relationships with local farmers has come to dominate the food marketplace.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Cleaver


How many times have you walked past this blue establishment besides Ox and Angela on the bustling 17th Ave and wondered what it is called? I always had the urge to go into the restaurant and ask the staff “what’s the name of your restaurant?”, but ended up feeling ashamed of my ignorance. Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: ReGrub Burger Bar

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the block on 11 Ave SW between 5th and 6th st has completely revamped! I mean, restaurant-wise. Chefbar, Last Best, and now Regrub (burger spelled backward ;)).


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Calgary Restaurant: Goro + Gun

Just returning from Taiwan where top-notch Japanese noodle houses are overly abundant, I currently have very low desire to try ramen in the western land. Especially after having tried most of the Japanese ramen restaurants in Calgary (including Muku, Shiki Menya, Shijiki) and discovered none of them were up to the standard, I have lost confidence in finding one that is truly authentic.  Click to read more!