Calgary Restaurant: Anju

As an aficionado of Korean cooking and Asian fusion cuisine, Anju had long been on my list of places to eat. The only reason I held off from dining there was Kev’s low tolerance for spicy food. Last month, when he finally suggested for us to eat there, I was ravished with delight!


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Calgary Restaurant: The Highwood

Having a hard time choosing a restaurant to impress your date? Let me introduce to Calgary’s best kept secret – The Highwood.

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Calgary Restaurant: Ichi Rock [ra:ku]

After hearing my Asian friends praising about Ichi Rock’s sushi, I couldn’t resist the temptation to confirm the verdict myself. Finally, last month, while deciding the location for the lunch date with Lisa from Lemon Lime Lisa, I took the liberty of choosing Ichi Rock [ra:ku].

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Calgary Restaurant: Cafe 100%

Disclaimer: I was formally invited and ate with the restaurant owner. The meal was paid for by Cafe 100%. The review does not include comments on service because we were obviously treated differently as invited guests as opposed to restaurant patrons. All opinions are my own and I tried my best to highlight the goods and bads. All photos (except the ‘entrance’ shot) are provided by the restaurant. 

I was honored to be invited by Cafe 100% earlier this month to visit their restaurant. Just opened about 2 months ago, Cafe 100% has quickly captured attention, particularly from young adults. Having heard my Chinese friends praising about their food, I made a mental note to try certain dishes, but never really got the chance to check it out myself. As the opportunity came along, Kev and I gladly accepted it. It’s about time to try something new! Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Watercress Express


Are you tired of eating pho at a Vietnamese restaurant? Then, try this new modern Vietnamese bistro on 17th Ave!

Watercress Express infuses modern and foreign elements into Vietnamese cuisine. Its audacious, creative spirit has made it the talk to the town.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Vero Bistro Moderne

Recently, I have a growing appetite for modern fusion cuisine. Indisputably, the genuine taste of traditional dishes is a way to evoke fond memories of places. However, sometimes I get tired of eating the same dishes again and again. This is when I turn to fusion cuisine for new experiences and excitement. (We all need new stimuli in life once in a while, don’t we?)

We took a shot at Vero Bistro Moderne, which we’ve heard a lot of good words. The bistro is located in Kensington, presenting creative interpretations of Italian and French cuisine.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Cerezo Cafe & Bar

cerezo calgary

Want something different for brunch? I do!

Kev and I looooove Asian fusion cuisine. So far, Gachi and Lava Dining have made quite an impression on us. To celebrate Kev has finally escaped out of rural medicine practice and returned to the city, we visited Cerezo in Renfrew for brunch. Click to read more!