Vancouver Restaurant: Hapa Izakaya Yaletown


Hapa Izakaya is a modern Japanese restaurant chain in Vancouver. We went to the Yaletown location for their “hapa hour” that started from 5:00pm. It was a great way to try some of their tapas for half price! Click to read more!

Vancouver Restaurant: Rodney’s Oyster House


Seafood is definitely one thing that you can’t miss in Vancouver. On our last trip to Vancouver, we visited Rodney’s Oyster House in Yaletown with our friends during the happy hour on a weekday. Click to read more!

Vancouver Restaurant: Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle


Another food I wanted to try while I was in Vancouver was authentic Taiwanese food to cure my homesickness. Kev’s friend recommended Chef Hung, an award winning beef noodles restaurant chain around the world. We visited the restaurant on the 2nd floor of Aberdeen Center. Click to read more!

Vancouver Restaurant: Insadong Korean BBQ and Seafood Restaurant


We wanted to get some authentic Korean BBQ so our friends in Vancouver did some research and took us to Insadong which is located in Burquitlam. This place was very very busy on the Saturday evening. We didn’t make a reservation so we ended up waiting for about 30 minutes before we got seated.

I wasn’t sure if they were short-staffed or they were just poor with their service, the servers weren’t very attentive. Click to read more!

Vancouver Restaurant: Meat & Bread on Cambie


One of our friends in Calgary told us that we must go get sandwiches at Meat & Bread if we have a chance. That day we were touring around Gastown so we decided to go to the Cambie St location. We went there right before lunch peak hour, but the store was already quite busy. Fortunately, it was pretty easy for the two of us to grab seats. Click to read more!