[Calgary] Celebrating Heritage Day at Heritage Park Historical Village

This was the third year for me being in Alberta for the Heritage Day. In previous years, I never cared to participate in any events (probably due to my disappointment in the scale of festivals (besides Stampede) taken place in Calgary). However, this year, I decided to celebrate the holiday by escaping to the most fitting location, Heritage Park, where I could relive Alberta’s history and learn all that makes this beautiful province unique. Click to read more!

McWilliam’s Wine Tasting

Hands up, who loves wines over whiskeys. This post is for you!

I am not sure if I still prefer red wines after being wowed by Jameson’s Whiskeys, but I can say for certain that dessert wines and ice wines are still my favorites 🙂 When it comes to alcoholic drinks, I definitely favor sweetness over spiciness.

Last week, I attended a wine tasting event in Calgary hosted by McWilliam’s, an Australian family-owned winery. (If you’ve been following my blog, you might have noticed that I went to 2 wine tasting events the past week. Please don’t mistake me for an alcoholic! I am just attending these events for the sake of learning and to be more “wine savvy” 😛 ) Click to read more!

Jameson Whiskey Tasting – Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up in 2 weeks! Any plans to celebrate this cultural event?

I was super excited to get invited by Jameson’s brand ambassador to join its whiskey tasting event in Calgary. Although I was not a big whiskey (blame Kev – I cut down a lot of alcohol because he couldn’t drink any), I was delighted to learn about whiskey and its making. After the event, I think I would actually enjoy drinking whiskey on occasions!

Jameson Whiskey Tasting

Jameson Whiskey Tasting

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Calgary Event: 2014 YYC Pizza Week

Calgary might not be as culturally diverse as other major cities in the world to offer a wide variety of cuisines, but it sure is an exciting city where many food festivals take place. From The Big Taste, Taste of Calgary to YYC Burger Weerk, locals are invited to celebrate Calgary’s vibrant food scene throughout the year

In the fall, over 40 restaurants around the city will gear up for YYC Pizza Week. During this 10-day event, they will put forward their specialty pizzas and compete in one of the 3 categories: thin, thick, or unique crust. Click to read more!

Munching My Way Through Global Cuisine (Taste of Calgary)

Of all the countries I’ve lived in, Calgary has the shortest summer season. This is one thing that I still can’t get used to after living here for a year. Seriously, I feel sorry for the people who live here (oh ya, that includes myself). How depressing it is to live in a place that only has TWO MONTHS of summer! What’s worse is that the rest of the year is either cold, colder, or even colder!! (The coldest it had gotten to last year was -30°C. My face was instantly frozen as soon as I stepped outside. It was not fun at all.) Growing up in a tropical country where I didn’t have to cope with winter whatsoever, this is a torture for me. Click to read more!

到卡加利美食節逛一圈,吃遍各國美食 (Taste of Calgary)

天氣變涼了,短短的夏季也結束了… 唉,無情的夏天,說走就走,留下我獨自面對漫長又寒冷的冬天 (哭~~~)

不管再怎麼難過,也要面對現實。樂觀地想,又有多少人能夠在 -30ºC 的冰天雪地中,度過聖誕節呢? 哈哈哈 (苦笑)!  好,今年冬天,我會補上照片讓大家感受感受加拿大酷寒的威力!

之前,跟大家介紹過幾個卡加利必玩的夏日活動 (還記得牛仔節太陽與莎莎醬節嗎?) 想到夏天,還有一個活動是美食愛好者一定不能錯過的,那就是卡加利美食節 (Taste of Calgary)!!!

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Travel Back To Olden Days: Discover How The West Was Once at Heritage Park

We always pass by Heritage Park whenever we drive to the Southern part of Calgary. At first, I thought it is a history museum of some sort. With no interest in learning about boring historical facts, the thought of visiting the park never crossed our mind. But thanks to Kev, we got a chance this summer to discover what the Heritage Park really has to offer. His clinic organized a summer picnic there so we received free access to the park!

heritage park entrance Click to read more!