Calgary Restaurant: Menyatai Japanese Ramen

Menyatai has been our to-go place for ramen in the city. We first visited there in February and we’ve been continually going back there whenever we have a craving for ramen. It is a cute little restaurant in Kensington. The bright-color furniture and clean, simple interior created a welcoming, cozy atmosphere.



On our first visit, we ordered the tonkotsu shoyu ramen ($11.95) and spicy tonkotsu ramen ($12.95). The tonkotsu shoyu ramen had pork bone broth as the soup base, flavored with soy sauce. The noodles were topped with bean sprouts, half of a  soft boiled eff,  green onion, corn, mushroom, red ginger, dried seaweed and a slice of BBQ pork. The broth was milky and light in flavor. The noodles were a bit overcooked- not chewy at all. We loved the toppings though, especially the egg (which was perfectly cooked with a bit yolky in the center) and the BBQ pork (which was fatty and tender).

Tonkotsu shoyu ramen

Tonkotsu shoyu ramen

The spicy tonkotsu ramen came with the same toppings as the tonkotasu shoyu ramen. As expected, I preferred this ramen because of the strong, spicy flavor of the broth.

Spicy tonkotsu ramen

Spicy tonkotsu ramen

On our recent visit, I had the curry ramen ($12.95). The curry soup base tasted savory but a bit watery. The curry spice wasn’t that strong. The bowl was overflowed with toppings. However, I found that their BBQ pork wasn’t as tasty as before. The meat was a bit dry and hard. What happened to the fatty texture?

Curry ramen

Curry ramen

Overall: Menyatai serves decent ramen at a reasonable price. I enjoyed the cozy atmosphere and its excellent service. However, I will continue hunt for the best ramen in town.

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