Calgary Restaurant: Muku Japanese Ramen


Our friends from Edmonton wanted to try some ramen places in Calgary so I did some research and found Muku is recommended by some Calgarians. The restaurant is in Kensington, right next to Globefish. We went there last Sunday at around 1pm and the restaurant was still very busy, with people eating and some waiting to be seated. The restaurant was tiny, with about 7 tables and 5 seats by the bar. We were put onto the waitlist and waited for about 15 minutes for a table to be available to us.

The staff were friendly and attentive. Our food arrived pretty quickly.



We ordered takoyaki as the side and we all weren’t impressed with it. Unlike authentic takoyaki which the shell is slightly crispy, the takoyaki balls at Muku were soggy and mushy.

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

I ordered the spicy tonkotsu ramen. When I got my ramen, I wasn’t very happy with the fact that they served this ramen “spicy” by adding a spoonful of sriracha sauce. I began to cast doubt on how authentic the ramen are served by this place. The pork soup base is rich and flavorful, not too salty. However, I didn’t quite like the noodles- it tasted like instant noodles.  I was expecting the ramen noodles to be chewy and springy. The pork (chashu) was dry and hard to chew on. As you can see, there weren’t many ingredients in my bowl. Besides the pork, there were one baby corn and one slice of fish cake.

Se-Abura Shoyu Ramen

Se-Abura Shoyu Ramen

Everyone else ordered the se-abura shoyu ramen. The soup base was a bit lighter than the one for tonkotsu ramen. Slices of pork belly were served instead of chashu, which tasted so much better.

Generally speaking, the food is okay, not great, but is reasonably priced. It is a convenient location for us and we don’t going back to try other types of ramen.

My review: It is like the Oh Henry! Chocolate Bar- something that is relatively cheap and that you don’t mind having once in a while.

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