Calgary Restaurant: The Casbah

What’s the most exotic cuisine you’ve ever had? In Calgary, Kev and I have tried IndianNepalese, East African dishes. Even though we haven’t gotten the chance to visit these countries yet, through food, we were able to learn a little bit about each country’s culture and diversity.

Last weekend, while hunting for food in our neighborhood, we unexpectedly found a Moroccan restaurant at the lower level of “The Building Bloc” on 11 Ave SW (between 6th & 7th St).

the casbah calgary

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Calgary Restaurant: Raj Palace (Country Hills)

What’s your favorite Indian dish besides curry? For me, the South Indian staple, Dosa, my Indian friend first introduced me in NYC was unforgettable! The soft crispy Indian-style crepe doesn’t just taste good,  but also reminds me of the vibrant city life I once had in NYC.

You can easily get curry and samosa in most Indian restaurants in Calgary, but it is difficult to find a place that makes authentic dosa. My Indian friend recommended me Raj Palace for excellent dosa and I decided to take Kev to NW for an exotic food adventure.  Click to read more!

Seattle Dessert Store: Miro Tea

miro tea seattle ballard

If you’re ever in Seattle, I would totally recommend you to drop by Ballard. This neighborhood is gorgeous – not only is it closely associated with Nordic heritage, it also has some of the best restaurants, shops and parks in Seattle. Today, I am going to show you a tea & dessert shop which Kev and I discovered and completely fell in love with! Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Himalayan

calgary himalayan 2

This is our first time trying Nepali cuisine. It was a year ago when I tried to dine here with my friend without making a reservation. I still remembered clearly, we were being told right away that there was no way we could secure a table that evening. We understood they might have been fully booked that day, but we were quite disappointed with the hostess’ attitude to make no attempt to explain the situation to us at all. For a long while, I refused to even go near it. Until recently, it reopened after summer-long renovation. I thought maybe its service might have improved as well and deserve a try. This time, I ensured I made a reservation beforehand.

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Seattle Restaurant: Shiro’s

If you’re a big sushi lover, you certainly have heard of Jiro, the world famous sushi master, and the documentary film, Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It is every serious sushi diner’s dream to visit his restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro, in Tokyo. We might not have the luxury to fly all the way to Japan and spend $300 per person on a meal, but we would definitely jump on a chance to eat at his apprentice’s restaurant that is less than 2 hours away from home.

To ensure we wouldn’t get stuck in a never-ending long lineup, we made a reservation a week prior to our Seattle trip. If you would like to dine at the sushi bar counter and watch the chefs making sushi in front of your eyes, sorry, you will have to wait in line.

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Calgary Restaurant: Lava Dining

I never consider myself lucky in winning any lucky draw contest or lottery, but I was extremely fortunate this summer to become the winner for a free weekend brunch prize draw to Lava Dining as part of the Taste of Calgary event!! Kev and I had been eyeing this newly opened restaurant for weeks and this was a perfect opportunity for us to taste it for ourselves 😀 Click to read more!

5 Must Eats at Seattle Pike Place Market

1. Pike Place Chowder

pike place chowder seattle

Hidden in Post Alley was the famous Pike Place Chowder, which is located right besides Rachel’s Ginger Beer. This little restaurant competed in this year’s Polar Seltzer Great Chowder Cook-Off and brought back a second-place win for best clam chowder and first-place for having the most spirited team! This place is so popular that you will always find a lineup that goes around the corner. The line even starts before the restaurant opens at 11 am. Kev and I visited here one day in the early afternoon, thinking that we would avoid the mad lunch rush. Nope, we still got stuck in a queue and ended up waiting for a good 20 mins. Click to read more!