[Seoul] Immersing in Korean Traditional Culture at Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)

Just like any other metropolitan cities in the world, the streets of Seoul have been invaded by skyscrapers and high-rises. You could barely find the city’s historical footprints. Except one place…



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[Calgary] Celebrating Heritage Day at Heritage Park Historical Village

This was the third year for me being in Alberta for the Heritage Day. In previous years, I never cared to participate in any events (probably due to my disappointment in the scale of festivals (besides Stampede) taken place in Calgary). However, this year, I decided to celebrate the holiday by escaping to the most fitting location, Heritage Park, where I could relive Alberta’s history and learn all that makes this beautiful province unique. Click to read more!

穿越時空,回到過去,感受上世紀的繁榮時代 (Heritage Park)

旅行的意義是什麼? 我想答案因人而異,也因時而異。有時單純想放鬆心情,紓解壓力。有時想藉由旅行,出去看看世界,學習新東西。不管旅行的初衷為何,若能在途中,了解當地的歷史文化、風俗民情,使旅行增添另一層意義,不也是很棒的收穫與回憶嗎?

要了解當地歷史文化,可以透過不同的管道。如果是跟團旅行,導遊通常就會灌輸你相關的知識。像我不愛跟團的人 (有人跟我一樣不喜歡被強迫購買當地名產,而且時間被綁死死的嗎?) ,除了自己上網翻書做功課,(當假文青) 去歷史博物館走走,也是不錯的選擇 XD

「可是我不喜歡博物館那沉悶的氛圍,怎麼辦?」沒關係,如果你來卡加利玩,我一定介紹你去歷史文物公園 (Heritage Park)。之前,我以為它是個博物館,一直到上個月親自去了一趟,才發現它是個佈滿歷史建築的主題公園。要不是因為凱文的公司辦餐會,我們也不會發現這個老少咸宜的好去處 😛

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Travel Back To Olden Days: Discover How The West Was Once at Heritage Park

We always pass by Heritage Park whenever we drive to the Southern part of Calgary. At first, I thought it is a history museum of some sort. With no interest in learning about boring historical facts, the thought of visiting the park never crossed our mind. But thanks to Kev, we got a chance this summer to discover what the Heritage Park really has to offer. His clinic organized a summer picnic there so we received free access to the park!

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