Calgary Restaurant: Africana Eatery & Cheers Pub

If you’re looking to spicing up your summer, you should consider giving African cuisine a try. Last summer, Kev and I made our first attempt at Safari Grill and we loved how flavorful the dishes were. This year, our friend, Moe, brought us to another restaurant that serves a great variety of food from Eastern Africa with a fusion of East Indian. More importantly, everything is halal!

Africana Calgary

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Calgary Restaurant: Raj Palace (Country Hills)

What’s your favorite Indian dish besides curry? For me, the South Indian staple, Dosa, my Indian friend first introduced me in NYC was unforgettable! The soft crispy Indian-style crepe doesn’t just taste good,  but also reminds me of the vibrant city life I once had in NYC.

You can easily get curry and samosa in most Indian restaurants in Calgary, but it is difficult to find a place that makes authentic dosa. My Indian friend recommended me Raj Palace for excellent dosa and I decided to take Kev to NW for an exotic food adventure.  Click to read more!

Calgary Event: 2014 YYC Pizza Week

Calgary might not be as culturally diverse as other major cities in the world to offer a wide variety of cuisines, but it sure is an exciting city where many food festivals take place. From The Big Taste, Taste of Calgary to YYC Burger Weerk, locals are invited to celebrate Calgary’s vibrant food scene throughout the year

In the fall, over 40 restaurants around the city will gear up for YYC Pizza Week. During this 10-day event, they will put forward their specialty pizzas and compete in one of the 3 categories: thin, thick, or unique crust. Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Banana Leaf Tropical Cuisine

Malaysian restaurants are extremely rare in Calgary. I was deliriously happy when I found Banana Leaf’s existence. Now whenever I miss home (technically, my second home), we can drive to Banana Leaf and treat my nostalgia.

Malaysia is one of the most culturally diverse countries. Greatly influenced by Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures, Malaysian cuisine is nothing but diverse and rich in flavors. If you have an adventurous palate, you certainly cannot miss Malaysian food. Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Safari Grill

It’ Friday! Sadly, it is the last Friday of August, signifying the impending end of summer 😦 Today, I’m going to share with you one of the hidden gems in Calgary. Hopefully, it will cheer you up and get you ready for the long weekend!

One of our close friends, Moe, is a Muslim and is only permitted to eat halal food. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of Halal, it refers to food that is permissible for Muslims to eat or drink under the Islamic Shariʻah law. So… what can and can’t they eat? Pork and alcoholic drinks are considered a big no-no! Most seafood is halal, except shellfish and fish without scales. They can eat beef and chicken as long as they are slaughtered and prepared in accordance to the Dhabiha (or Zabiha) method. Click to read more!

Cowgirl in Cowtown – all the fun you could have at Calgary Stampede (downtown attractions)

Arriving Calgary this time last year, my first impression of this city was- “Wow, there are so many cowboys at this place!”

Every July, the city hosts Calgary Stampede, an annual 10-day rodeo festival. It is known as the “greatest outdoor show on Earth”, which attracts tons of visitors from all over Canada to celebrate together. During this time, the whole city transforms into a cowboy town- you can see billboard posters all around town promoting the festival; citizens dressing up as cowboy/cowgirl; or stores and restaurants with cartoony window paintings about the festival.


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Calgary Restaurant: Mango Shiva

Calgary’s dining festival, Big Taste, kicked off last Friday. As a foodie, it is the event that I don’t want to miss. It is a great opportunity to sample dishes at new restaurants at a reasonable price. One of our friends is Muslim and can only eat halal food. To respect his religious dietary restriction, we decided to go to Mango Shiva on Stephen avenue as its lunch set menu is vegetarian friendly.

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