Calgary Restaurant: Raj Palace (Country Hills)

What’s your favorite Indian dish besides curry? For me, the South Indian staple, Dosa, my Indian friend first introduced me in NYC was unforgettable! The soft crispy Indian-style crepe doesn’t just taste good,  but also reminds me of the vibrant city life I once had in NYC.

You can easily get curry and samosa in most Indian restaurants in Calgary, but it is difficult to find a place that makes authentic dosa. My Indian friend recommended me Raj Palace for excellent dosa and I decided to take Kev to NW for an exotic food adventure.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Rodney’s Oyster House

Good news for oyster lovers! The wait is finally over and Rodney’s has opened its door to Calgarians 🙂 Woo~ hoo~

One thing I really miss after moving to Calgary is seafood. Having lived on islands and coastal cities all my life, it is a torture not having the freshest seafood on my plate. That’s why whenever we travel, I always have seafood restaurants on my to-eat list. Oyster Bar and Hot n Juicy Crawfish in Las Vegas as well as Westward in Seattle are some of our favorites from our recent trips. Rodney’s Oyster House in Vancouver have left quite an impression on us and we couldn’t wait to try its newly opened location in Calgary! Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Cibo

Calgary is densely populated with Italian restaurants, but only a few are truly exceptional. (La Piccola Napoli is a great place to start) This was our second time visiting Cibo and it took us over a year to revisit this place. The first time when we were here, we were misguided by the server and got overcharged with one of the dishes. It was also that time that we learned that many Calgarian restaurants charge their diners a couple bucks for distilled water. Click to read more!

Calgary Event: 2014 YYC Pizza Week

Calgary might not be as culturally diverse as other major cities in the world to offer a wide variety of cuisines, but it sure is an exciting city where many food festivals take place. From The Big Taste, Taste of Calgary to YYC Burger Weerk, locals are invited to celebrate Calgary’s vibrant food scene throughout the year

In the fall, over 40 restaurants around the city will gear up for YYC Pizza Week. During this 10-day event, they will put forward their specialty pizzas and compete in one of the 3 categories: thin, thick, or unique crust. Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: The Coup + Meet

Ever since I moved to Calgary, I never visited an exclusively vegetarian restaurant. It was not because I avoided visiting one. In fact, I am pretty open to trying any type of food as long as there is no olive, goat cheese, feta cheese or lamb 😛 Actually, Kev was the reason for stopping us from dining at a vegetarian restaurant. He is very particular about having enough protein at every meal. He needs to have meat in his diet or else he gets grumpy. Guess who’s the carnivore here!

So how exactly did I convince him to set foot in Coup + Meet? We were arranging to have an early breakfast with our friends one Sunday. Not many restaurants in downtown opened early. Out of all the options we had, we chose Coup + Meet which had quite an interesting breakfast menu. Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Himalayan

calgary himalayan 2

This is our first time trying Nepali cuisine. It was a year ago when I tried to dine here with my friend without making a reservation. I still remembered clearly, we were being told right away that there was no way we could secure a table that evening. We understood they might have been fully booked that day, but we were quite disappointed with the hostess’ attitude to make no attempt to explain the situation to us at all. For a long while, I refused to even go near it. Until recently, it reopened after summer-long renovation. I thought maybe its service might have improved as well and deserve a try. This time, I ensured I made a reservation beforehand.

Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Lava Dining

I never consider myself lucky in winning any lucky draw contest or lottery, but I was extremely fortunate this summer to become the winner for a free weekend brunch prize draw to Lava Dining as part of the Taste of Calgary event!! Kev and I had been eyeing this newly opened restaurant for weeks and this was a perfect opportunity for us to taste it for ourselves 😀 Click to read more!