A Non-Nerdy Girl’s Guide to PAX Prime

pax prime seattle 2014

This summer, I went on a trip to Seattle with Kev and his friends, whose primary purpose was attending PAX Prime. Before diving into what this event is all about, here’s a little background info that you need to know about Kev and me. Click to read more!


Fun, Trivial Discoveries in Seattle

Whenever I travel to a new city, I like to wander around in local neighborhoods and shop at local supermarkets. These opportunities let me join the locals in their day-to-day activities.  They also allow me to learn interesting trivia about people’s everyday life. As you all know, I’m a food maniac so let’s focus on food, shall we? 😛 Click to read more!

Seattle Trip Highlights – Ballard Locks, Fremont Troll & Gas Works Park

Surrounded by sea, rivers, forests, lakes and fields, Seattle is in the midst of some spectacular natural scenery. Today, I am sharing with you some of the best city attractions that will bring you closer to understanding Seattle’s ecology, geography, and history.  Click to read more!

Seattle Trip Highlights – Pike Place Market & Water Taxi

The last time I visited Seattle was five years ago when I was still studying in Vancouver. I went down to Seattle just to visit an old friend from childhood. What I knew about Seattle back then included: 1) it is where Starbucks was founded, 2) its famous landmark, Space Needle, 3) it is a rain city just like Vancouver, 4) Vancouverites like traveling south of the border for shopping sprees, and 5) it has a prestigious school, University of Washington, just north of downtown. What I didn’t know was that every summer, it attracts thousands of visitors by hosting the biggest gaming event in North America. As a video game addict, Kev was longing to attend PAX Prime for the first time. Thinking that it would be a great chance to have a proper tour in Seattle and at the same time, check out what PAX Prime is really about, I agreed to accompany him. That’s what brought us to Seattle, also known as the Emerald City, this summer.

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Munching My Way Through Global Cuisine (Taste of Calgary)

Of all the countries I’ve lived in, Calgary has the shortest summer season. This is one thing that I still can’t get used to after living here for a year. Seriously, I feel sorry for the people who live here (oh ya, that includes myself). How depressing it is to live in a place that only has TWO MONTHS of summer! What’s worse is that the rest of the year is either cold, colder, or even colder!! (The coldest it had gotten to last year was -30°C. My face was instantly frozen as soon as I stepped outside. It was not fun at all.) Growing up in a tropical country where I didn’t have to cope with winter whatsoever, this is a torture for me. Click to read more!

到卡加利美食節逛一圈,吃遍各國美食 (Taste of Calgary)

天氣變涼了,短短的夏季也結束了… 唉,無情的夏天,說走就走,留下我獨自面對漫長又寒冷的冬天 (哭~~~)

不管再怎麼難過,也要面對現實。樂觀地想,又有多少人能夠在 -30ºC 的冰天雪地中,度過聖誕節呢? 哈哈哈 (苦笑)!  好,今年冬天,我會補上照片讓大家感受感受加拿大酷寒的威力!

之前,跟大家介紹過幾個卡加利必玩的夏日活動 (還記得牛仔節太陽與莎莎醬節嗎?) 想到夏天,還有一個活動是美食愛好者一定不能錯過的,那就是卡加利美食節 (Taste of Calgary)!!!

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穿越時空,回到過去,感受上世紀的繁榮時代 (Heritage Park)

旅行的意義是什麼? 我想答案因人而異,也因時而異。有時單純想放鬆心情,紓解壓力。有時想藉由旅行,出去看看世界,學習新東西。不管旅行的初衷為何,若能在途中,了解當地的歷史文化、風俗民情,使旅行增添另一層意義,不也是很棒的收穫與回憶嗎?

要了解當地歷史文化,可以透過不同的管道。如果是跟團旅行,導遊通常就會灌輸你相關的知識。像我不愛跟團的人 (有人跟我一樣不喜歡被強迫購買當地名產,而且時間被綁死死的嗎?) ,除了自己上網翻書做功課,(當假文青) 去歷史博物館走走,也是不錯的選擇 XD

「可是我不喜歡博物館那沉悶的氛圍,怎麼辦?」沒關係,如果你來卡加利玩,我一定介紹你去歷史文物公園 (Heritage Park)。之前,我以為它是個博物館,一直到上個月親自去了一趟,才發現它是個佈滿歷史建築的主題公園。要不是因為凱文的公司辦餐會,我們也不會發現這個老少咸宜的好去處 😛

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