McWilliam’s Wine Tasting

Hands up, who loves wines over whiskeys. This post is for you!

I am not sure if I still prefer red wines after being wowed by Jameson’s Whiskeys, but I can say for certain that dessert wines and ice wines are still my favorites 🙂 When it comes to alcoholic drinks, I definitely favor sweetness over spiciness.

Last week, I attended a wine tasting event in Calgary hosted by McWilliam’s, an Australian family-owned winery. (If you’ve been following my blog, you might have noticed that I went to 2 wine tasting events the past week. Please don’t mistake me for an alcoholic! I am just attending these events for the sake of learning and to be more “wine savvy” 😛 ) Click to read more!

Jameson Whiskey Tasting – Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up in 2 weeks! Any plans to celebrate this cultural event?

I was super excited to get invited by Jameson’s brand ambassador to join its whiskey tasting event in Calgary. Although I was not a big whiskey (blame Kev – I cut down a lot of alcohol because he couldn’t drink any), I was delighted to learn about whiskey and its making. After the event, I think I would actually enjoy drinking whiskey on occasions!

Jameson Whiskey Tasting

Jameson Whiskey Tasting

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