Calgary Restaurant: Suzette Bistro

Whenever I got a chance to stroll along 4th street, I would peek through the window of Suzette Bistro and check how busy it was. As a newly opened restaurant, it has been gaining quite a bit of attention. I constantly heard people around me mentioning about the wonderful French dishes it brought to the table. This summer, I got the chance to meet up with a fellow blogger, Candy from Candy Eats, for brunch. Since neither of us had dined at Suzette before, it made the perfect meet-up spot for food lovers like us!

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Calgary Restaurant: Market


There is a big movement in Calgary in the recent years towards local and sustainable sourced food to promote healthy eating. We began seeing many restaurants with a focus on quality of life and interest in building relationships with local farmers has come to dominate the food marketplace.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Vendome Cafe

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of restaurants opened early in the morning on weekends. When I said “early”, I mean 8 am. (Most restaurants in Calgary opens at around 10 or 11 am on Saturdays and Sundays). 2 weeks ago, before our trip to Banff, we were looking for places for a quick breakfast, but discovering that our favorite breakfast spots doesn’t open till a later time dashed our hopes. Only one place opens its door to early birds, Vendome Cafe.


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Calgary Restaurant: Beltliner

Earlier this year, a new diner, Beltliner opened up on 12th Ave SW, near Victoria Park. Delighted with the addition of a brunch spot in our neighborhood, Kev and I dropped by for brunch soon after its opening.


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Calgary Restaurant: ReGrub Burger Bar

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the block on 11 Ave SW between 5th and 6th st has completely revamped! I mean, restaurant-wise. Chefbar, Last Best, and now Regrub (burger spelled backward ;)).


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Calgary Restaurant: Chefbar


Nestled on 11th avenue in the Beltline district, Chefbar brings unique eatery experience to its guests with chef-inspired food, quality ingredients and handcrafted cocktails. The casual contemporary setting creates a laid back, intimate atmosphere, with an outdoor patio hosting up to 40 guests. Downstairs is the Gerry Thomas Gallery where it occasionally caters events up to 240 people. Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Monki Breakfastclub and Bistro

If you asked me what’s my favorite brunch spot in Calgary, I would yell out “Monki” without hesitation. We had been to this chic restaurant twice already and it did not disappoint us. Let’s check out what we ordered and hopefully you will get a chance to try these heavenly food yourself!

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