[Seoul] 6 Coffee & Dessert Shops You Can’t Afford To Miss

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the cafes and dessert shops in Asia. Not to mention the spectacular-looking desserts, most cafes express a unique personality. What’s better way to enrich your day than surrounding yourselves with desserts and coffee? Even if you’re alone, sitting in a cafe can bring peace and inspiring ideas to your mind 😉

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Calgary Restaurant: Empanada Queen

The last time I had empanadas was in New York. The crispy crust and tender inner texture of the Venezuelan empanadas was deliciously unforgettable. Since then, I had been longing for it, but was never in close vicinity to any community that has empanadas as a traditional food.

This summer, I happened to stumble across Empanada Queen in the SE.

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[Seoul] 5 Must-Eat Street Food in Seoul, Korea

Eating at restaurants can make you pay an arm and a leg in Seoul. Not all of us can afford to dine at restaurants everyday while traveling. If you’d like to save a few bucks, try out the street food in Seoul! Sampling those tasty, inexpensive snacks gives you a chance to observe the latest culinary trend in the city. Below are a few popular street food Kev and I tried this summer. Strongly recommend you to try them out! Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Big T’s BBQ and Smokehouse

Over the Heritage Day long weekend, a few friends came down to visit from Edmonton. For a large party of 7, we thought going to a smokehouse might be a good idea. A large meat platter could easily feed all of us. No need to fuss over individual orders. Big T’s BBQ had a stall at the Calgary Farmer’s Market where a few of our friends were dazzled by the toothsome barbecued meat. This brought us to their brick and mortar establishment in Deer Ridge, Calgary.

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Calgary Restaurant: ReGrub Burger Bar

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the block on 11 Ave SW between 5th and 6th st has completely revamped! I mean, restaurant-wise. Chefbar, Last Best, and now Regrub (burger spelled backward ;)).


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Calgary Restaurant: Bumpy’s Cafe

bumpy's calgary interior

Have you ever gotten tired of dining out at fancy restaurants and all of a sudden, you just wanted to grab some comfort food?

Kev and I discovered a hidden gem in Beltline not too long ago as we searched for a brunch place on the weekend. On a cold, snowy day, all we wanted was something to comfort our tummy. That’s how we decided to check out Bumpy’s Cafe.  Continue reading

Calgary Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings

2013-10-18 17.44.06

I have been longing for some buffalo wings since I left New York. A local friend recommended Buffalo Wild Wings so we decided to give it a try. We visited the one on Macleod Trail.

2013-10-18 18.02.28

The restaurant is very spacious, dividing into dining and bar sections. There are some tables outdoor, but since the weather is quite chill in October, no one was sitting outside. The restaurant is more like a sports bar. You can see big TV screens hanging all over the place, streaming sports.  There were a few tables of customers when we arrived at 5:30 pm. At around 6 pm, the restaurant was already fully packed with crowds.

2013-10-18 17.48.53 2013-10-18 17.46.39 2013-10-18 17.46.47

The restaurant is known for its wings. If you are looking for food other than wings, it also serves salads, sandwiches, burgers, flatbreads, wraps…etc.

For wings, there are traditional vs boneless wings. Once you have decided the type of wings you would like, you choose the serving size and the seasoning/sauces to go with your wings. (For “single” serving, there are approximately 10 wings and you may choose 2 seasonings/sauces; for “double” serving, there are about 20 wings and you may choose up to 4 different seasonings/sauces).

"Double" size traditional wings with salt and pepper,  parmesan garlic, honey bbq, and jammin jalapeno sauces. (starting from top left corner, clockwise)

“Double” serving traditional wings with salt and pepper, parmesan garlic, honey bbq, and jammin jalapeno sauces. (starting from top left corner, clockwise)

Kev and I ordered a “double” serving traditional wings with 4 different seasonings/sauces. The least spicy seasoning is salt and pepper. With the dry seasoning, you can really taste the crispiness and juiciness of the chicken. In contrast, the signature sauces have stronger flavors. Honey BBQ sauce is sweeter and less spicy than I expected (on the menu, it is at the sizzlin’ level). The sweetness is just about right. Not like “dessert” type of sweet, which is a good thing. The parmesan garlic sauce is a little bit more spicy and the cheesy taste just doesn’t really go well with the chicken wings. The jammin jalapeno sauce is really spicy that it bit my tongue and stung my lips. I had to drink a couple of water to cool myself down. Phew.

"Single" serving traditional wings with salt &  pepper and salt & vinegar seasonings.

“Single” serving traditional wings with salt & pepper and salt & vinegar seasonings.

Our friend ordered the single serving traditional wings with 2 different seasonings- salt & pepper and salt & vinegar. The salt & vinegar seasoning goes really well with the wings. All of us think it is the best seasoning/sauce of all we tried that night. The sour taste of the vinegar really makes the chicken more delicious!

Personally, I don’t have a preference towards seasonings or sauces. If you are someone who is adventurous, you might like sauces more because you have more options for flavors. But be cautious that the sauce can be too strong flavored that it masks the original taste of the chicken.

One more thing I would like to comment on is that the service is quite slow there. Don’t go there with empty stomach. You see quite a few servers walking around; however, it is hard to get their attention when you actually need them.

My review: This place is like a family homemade chocolate bar. The food takes a while to be ready. It is better to go with a bigger crowd of people so that you can order a bigger portion of food to share and try on different flavors.

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