Calgary Restaurant: Vero Bistro Moderne

Recently, I have a growing appetite for modern fusion cuisine. Indisputably, the genuine taste of traditional dishes is a way to evoke fond memories of places. However, sometimes I get tired of eating the same dishes again and again. This is when I turn to fusion cuisine for new experiences and excitement. (We all need new stimuli in life once in a while, don’t we?)

We took a shot at Vero Bistro Moderne, which we’ve heard a lot of good words. The bistro is located in Kensington, presenting creative interpretations of Italian and French cuisine. 



The interior of the restaurant had all the makings of a modern bistro. The bold red accents, granite table tops, and slick black furniture in the dining area had a modern spirit that’s reflected in the food.

house made veal meatballs

house made veal meatballs

To start, we ordered the house made veal meatballs ($18) to share. The meatballs were made with 12 hours slow cooked berkshire pork ragu that were boldly flavored with spices. They had a very Middle Eastern flavor and tasted somewhat curry-like. The freshly grated d.o.p. parmesan reggiano was a perfect accompaniment, adding moisture and buttery flavor to the meatballs. Serving with sweet croissant bread on the side made it a hearty appetizer.

eggplant bruchetta

eggplant bruschetta

To our surprise, Chef Jenny gave us an appetizer on the house- eggplant bruschetta. My early experiences of eggplants weren’t particularly favorable, but wow, this dish completely changed my perception of eggplants! If the server didn’t tell me about the ingredients, I wouldn’t have guessed there was eggplant in it. The balsamic sauce reduced the bitter taste inherent in the eggplant. The pine nuts offered a nice balance between the gooey softness and crunchiness. Well done!

lobster bisque

lobster bisque

Watching a few people ordered that day’s special, Kev and I failed to resist the temptation to order yourselves a lobster bisque ($18). The smooth, creamy, strongly seasoned tomato-based soup was filled with chunks of tender, hearty lobster. Dipping the puff pastry disc into the soup gave it a pleasing sweetness. It is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. We wished it would be permanently on the menu.

steak and frites

steak and frites

The main course of the evening was the signature steak and frites ($38). The 12 oz new york steak had a little char around the edges which gave it a subtle smokey goodness. The herb-filled, vinegar-spiked chimichurri butter sauce was a nice touch to make the steak zesty and refreshing. To ease off the greasy taste of the truffle parmesan frites, the pairing with lemony aioli was just perfect. Nonetheless, we wished we had ordered the pork chop instead. We had a bite of our friend’s pork chop and it was sooooo moist and tender. Not even exaggerating, it was by far the most delicious pork chop we had ever had. Trust me, it was worth every penny.

house made ice cream with chocolate sauce and hazelnut

house made ice cream with chocolate sauce and hazelnut

chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse

We concluded the evening with the house made ice cream with chocolate sauce and hazelnut ($10) and chocolate mousse (free, if “like” its FB page). Both were heavily chocolate-infused desserts, but our favorite was the deliciously light, smooth ice cream buried in bittersweet, dense chocolate sauce. The fragrant, toasty chopped hazelnut, fresh orange peels, and meringue surprised our senses with fruity, nutty flavours and crisp, crunchy textures.

Vero Bistro Moderne exceeded our expectations and had stole our hearts. Every dish was not only aesthetically appealing, but also tasted wonderful. The restaurant reflected Chef Jenny’s passion and talent for culinary. Throughout the evening, we saw the chef interacting with customers, making sure they were happy with the food. Although we didn’t get the chance to meet with the chef, our server was amicable, knowledgeable, and made great recommendations.  We would definitely be interested to go back soon and try the no-menu Tuesdays or brunch!

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