Calgary Restaurant: Nagia’s Steakhouse & Grill

Our friend, Moe, boasted to have found the best halal steakhouse in the city. Well, it was a statement that was hard to argue against since there’s only one in Calgary. Haha, but it was still worth a try since we all love meat!  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Model Milk

There seems to be a correlation in the amount you pay and how good the food tastes in Calgary’s restaurant scene. I am not saying that you can never find delicious cheap eats in the city. They certainly exists but are as scarce as hen’s teeth (if you’re looking for recommendations, Holy Grill and Banana Leaf are the rare gems hidden in the city). That’s not to say that expensive restaurants will never fail you. Those exceptions are the ones you want to avoid (take Corbeaux Bakehouse as an example). Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: The Embarcadero

The Embarcadero, the eastern waterfront of the Port of San Francisco, also an oyster bar stood on the east side of 17th Ave in Calgary. The restaurant is disguised as a home, which makes it so easy to miss. We’ve actually drove by it so many times in the past without notice.


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Calgary Restaurant: Farm


It is always tough to decide where to take your significant other for birthday treat. If you bring him/her to the exact same place year after year, you might be perceived as a dull person. If you pick a new restaurant but it turns out to be horrible, the special day is now ruined.  The art is to choose somewhere new AND somewhere you know s/he will love. That’s hell of a tough job! Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Saltlik

At this year’s Big Taste, Kev and I visited Saltlik at downtown Calgary. In contrast to its low-profile, refined exterior, the steakhouse’s lively and upbeat atmosphere lures young crowds of steak lovers. With people chattering and music playing in the background, you quickly notice its difference from other elegant steakhouses such as Vintage. Instead of a “steakhouse”, I am more inclined to categorize it as a “lounge”.

Upon seating, we were given the regular dinner menu despite having told the host we came for the Big Taste festival. We had to specifically ask for the Big Taste menu. Between the two of us, we basically ordered everything on the menu (prix fixe dinner at $35 pp) and shared among ourselves 🙂IMG_0731 Click to read more

Calgary Restaurant: Charcut Roast House (Dinner)

If you’re a meat lover, you must put Charcut on the top of your must-dine list. This bustling, urban rustic restaurant, located in the heart of downtown, showcased the freshest and highest quality house butchered meat dishes. The only thing I regret is not having had dinner at this place much earlier! Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Vero Bistro Moderne

Recently, I have a growing appetite for modern fusion cuisine. Indisputably, the genuine taste of traditional dishes is a way to evoke fond memories of places. However, sometimes I get tired of eating the same dishes again and again. This is when I turn to fusion cuisine for new experiences and excitement. (We all need new stimuli in life once in a while, don’t we?)

We took a shot at Vero Bistro Moderne, which we’ve heard a lot of good words. The bistro is located in Kensington, presenting creative interpretations of Italian and French cuisine.  Click to read more!