Vancouver Restaurant: The Flying Pig


The main reason I love Vancouver so much (besides its temperate climate and beautiful coastlines) is the bustling food scene and higher restaurant standards. To find a decent, affordable restaurant is like shooting fish in a barrel. Even on a day when you feel spontaneous, you can’t go too wrong for just picking a random restaurant off the street.

This summer, when I wandered through Gastown, my friend suggested to check out The Flying Pig, which categories itself as a “nouveau Canadian Bistro” that offers a seasonally inspired menu with fresh, local ingredients.

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Vancouver Restaurant: Italian Kitchen


Italian Kitchen on Alberni Street is one of my friend’s most bragged about eateries in Vancouver. With a reservation on short notice, we were able to visit this modern sophisticated Italian restaurant on a Monday evening to beat the crowd at peak dinner hours.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: The Embarcadero

The Embarcadero, the eastern waterfront of the Port of San Francisco, also an oyster bar stood on the east side of 17th Ave in Calgary. The restaurant is disguised as a home, which makes it so easy to miss. We’ve actually drove by it so many times in the past without notice.


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Calgary Restaurant: Corbeaux Bakehouse


Corbeaux, the French-inspired bakery-cafe on 17th Avenue, is a (relatively) new kid in town. I’ve visited a few times on my own over the past few months. The desserts and pastries were wonderful beyond descriptions. Sitting along the south-facing windows and bathing in sunlight, I immersed myself in tranquility.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Farm


It is always tough to decide where to take your significant other for birthday treat. If you bring him/her to the exact same place year after year, you might be perceived as a dull person. If you pick a new restaurant but it turns out to be horrible, the special day is now ruined.  The art is to choose somewhere new AND somewhere you know s/he will love. That’s hell of a tough job! Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Vero Bistro Moderne

Recently, I have a growing appetite for modern fusion cuisine. Indisputably, the genuine taste of traditional dishes is a way to evoke fond memories of places. However, sometimes I get tired of eating the same dishes again and again. This is when I turn to fusion cuisine for new experiences and excitement. (We all need new stimuli in life once in a while, don’t we?)

We took a shot at Vero Bistro Moderne, which we’ve heard a lot of good words. The bistro is located in Kensington, presenting creative interpretations of Italian and French cuisine.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Cibo

Calgary is densely populated with Italian restaurants, but only a few are truly exceptional. (La Piccola Napoli is a great place to start) This was our second time visiting Cibo and it took us over a year to revisit this place. The first time when we were here, we were misguided by the server and got overcharged with one of the dishes. It was also that time that we learned that many Calgarian restaurants charge their diners a couple bucks for distilled water. Click to read more!