Calgary Restaurant: Model Milk

There seems to be a correlation in the amount you pay and how good the food tastes in Calgary’s restaurant scene. I am not saying that you can never find delicious cheap eats in the city. They certainly exists but are as scarce as hen’s teeth (if you’re looking for recommendations, Holy Grill and Banana Leaf are the rare gems hidden in the city). That’s not to say that expensive restaurants will never fail you. Those exceptions are the ones you want to avoid (take Corbeaux Bakehouse as an example).

A friend of ours recently took us to Model Milk on 17th Ave for the Sunday Supper. Every Sunday evening, they only serve what’s on the prix fixe menu for the cost of $40 per person. The feast usually consists of appetizer, main protein, main side and dessert, all served family style. So it is a good idea to dine with a small group of friends!


The restaurant is set in Calgary’s historic dairy building, charmed with a vintage-homey vibe. We cozied up at a table in the bar section, away from the larger dining area. Instead of lively bright chatter, we were surrounded by intimate, sereme ambiance.



The restaurant features innovation dishes with the philosophy of sourcing the best local ingredients, preparing them simply and showcasing them at their best. That’s why you will see the food was served on plates with elegant simplicity.

First up was the appetizer Bob Cobb’s salad, dressed up with salad greens (broccoli florets, okra, lettuce), avocado, medium boiled eggs, thin slices of ham and crumbled blue cheese.  Nothing remarkable. As expected the bold, intense flavor of the blue cheese overshadowed everything else. I guess, after all, blue cheese isn’t really for me.

bob cobb's salad

bob cobb’s salad


2nd appetizer was mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce.  These sticks were deep fried to golden perfection. The incredibly crunchy coating contrasted perfectly to the soft, melted mozzarella inside. Paired with the uniquely fresh and amazingly sweet marinara dipping sauce, who could say ‘no’ to this irresistibly tasty treat?

mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce

mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce

Before moving onto the entrees, we warmed our belly with the cream of tomato soup, sprinkled with bread croutons and drizzled with olive oil. I loved the thick, creamy and silky smooth texture. Everything was perfect, except it was slightly salty.

cream of tomato soup

cream of tomato soup

Let’s dig into the main course! On one of the plates, we had beer battered fish with tartar sauce. Pieces of halibut were deep fried until it was puffy and crunchy on the outside. The halibut inside was out-of-this-world. It was delicate, tender and moist! The mayonnaise-based sauce had a combo of lemon and dill flavors, providing a bright and refreshing taste – just perfect for this seafood dish. On the side was the peas salad, mixed with small cubes of cheddar and thousand island sauce. Its creamy, lingering flavor and the unexpected spiciness left me wanting more!

beer battered fish with tartar sauce; peas salad, cheddar and thousand island sauce

beer battered fish with tartar sauce; peas salad, cheddar and thousand island sauce

We were not done with cheese yet! Next up was the mac and cheese.  It was one of the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had – the elbow macaroni were cooked until al dente,  absorbing all the cheesy goodness. The sauce was mildly salty and pungent, blended with fragrant spices which traveled up your nose.

mac and cheese

mac and cheese

My favorite of the evening was the salisbury steak. Sandwiched between sunny-side up eggs, the ground beef patty was wonderfully juicy and flavorful. The camerallized onions took on an unbelievable sweetness. Along with the sumptious gravy sauce and the amazing smooth-as-silk mashed potatoes, making it an unbeatable comfort food!

salisbury steak; mashed potatoes

salisbury steak; mashed potatoes

We wrapped up the evening with banana cream pie. Brown sugar, cookie crumbs and billowy whipped cream on top – not a killer dessert. Just something sweet for the night.

banana cream pie

banana cream pie

It was nice to finally get the chance to try Model Milk! The Sunday Supper menu was of great value, consisting of several dishes that definitely filled us up. Though I found some dishes quite ordinary, the majority was outstanding! We will be back for the small and large plates on its regular menu 🙂


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