Vancouver Restaurant: The Flying Pig


The main reason I love Vancouver so much (besides its temperate climate and beautiful coastlines) is the bustling food scene and higher restaurant standards. To find a decent, affordable restaurant is like shooting fish in a barrel. Even on a day when you feel spontaneous, you can’t go too wrong for just picking a random restaurant off the street.

This summer, when I wandered through Gastown, my friend suggested to check out The Flying Pig, which categories itself as a “nouveau Canadian Bistro” that offers a seasonally inspired menu with fresh, local ingredients.

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Calgary Restaurant: The Highwood

Having a hard time choosing a restaurant to impress your date? Let me introduce to Calgary’s best kept secret – The Highwood.

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Calgary Restaurant: Big T’s BBQ and Smokehouse

Over the Heritage Day long weekend, a few friends came down to visit from Edmonton. For a large party of 7, we thought going to a smokehouse might be a good idea. A large meat platter could easily feed all of us. No need to fuss over individual orders. Big T’s BBQ had a stall at the Calgary Farmer’s Market where a few of our friends were dazzled by the toothsome barbecued meat. This brought us to their brick and mortar establishment in Deer Ridge, Calgary.

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Calgary Restaurant: Model Milk

There seems to be a correlation in the amount you pay and how good the food tastes in Calgary’s restaurant scene. I am not saying that you can never find delicious cheap eats in the city. They certainly exists but are as scarce as hen’s teeth (if you’re looking for recommendations, Holy Grill and Banana Leaf are the rare gems hidden in the city). That’s not to say that expensive restaurants will never fail you. Those exceptions are the ones you want to avoid (take Corbeaux Bakehouse as an example). Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Beltliner

Earlier this year, a new diner, Beltliner opened up on 12th Ave SW, near Victoria Park. Delighted with the addition of a brunch spot in our neighborhood, Kev and I dropped by for brunch soon after its opening.


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Calgary Restaurant: Chefbar


Nestled on 11th avenue in the Beltline district, Chefbar brings unique eatery experience to its guests with chef-inspired food, quality ingredients and handcrafted cocktails. The casual contemporary setting creates a laid back, intimate atmosphere, with an outdoor patio hosting up to 40 guests. Downstairs is the Gerry Thomas Gallery where it occasionally caters events up to 240 people. Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Farm


It is always tough to decide where to take your significant other for birthday treat. If you bring him/her to the exact same place year after year, you might be perceived as a dull person. If you pick a new restaurant but it turns out to be horrible, the special day is now ruined.  The art is to choose somewhere new AND somewhere you know s/he will love. That’s hell of a tough job! Click to read more!