[Taiwan] 5 Useful Websites for Planning Trips to Taiwan

Last week, I transferred all my knowledge on the MRT to all of you. You already knew how to get to places, now the question is where should you go? Below I’m going to share with you 5 useful websites I frequently use to help me plan my trips around the beautiful Formosa.


(A little history here: Taiwan was formerly known as Ilha Formosa, named by the Portuguese sailors passing Taiwan in 1544. The name means “Beautiful Island” in Portuguese) Click to read more!

[Taipei] Getting Around The City by Subway

Having been living in big cities throughout my life, one thing I took for granted before settling down in Calgary is the well-connected public transit system.  I was so spoiled by the highly integrated transit systems that I could travel to any corner of the cities without having to drive. I didn’t realize how dependent I was on public transit until I moved to Calgary. Even after 2 years, I still miss how convenient life was in NYC, in Vancouver and, in my home town Taipei, Taiwan.

If you’re planning to visit Taipei soon, read on! You will find some useful information to help you survive in this mega city~

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Taiwan Restaurant: 花月嵐拉麵 Kagetsu Arashi Ramen

Japanese ramen is something we could not miss when going back to Taiwan. Because of how geographically close Taiwan is to Japan (and our constant craving for Japanese food), authentic Japanese restaurants are plentiful in Taiwan.

In this post, I am going to introduce to you one of our favorite Japanese ramen places in Taiwan. Kagetsu Arashi Ramen is one of the biggest ramen chains in Japan with more than 200 stores. In 2007, it expanded abroad and came to Taiwan. Now, there are more than 15 branches all over Taiwan.

Source: Kagetsu Arashi Official Website

Source: Kagetsu Arashi official website

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Taiwan Restaurant: 老貳樓串燒居酒屋 Old 2F Bar & Grill

Taiwan is a heaven for foodies. Especially Taipei city, which is packed with excellent restaurants. There is always new restaurants to try. And that’s basically what I did when I went back to Taipei- finding new restaurants to dine in.

One thing I couldn’t live without in Taiwan is the internet data plan. The road system is so complicated and confusing. Unlike New York City, the city is not laid out in a grid and the streets are not numbered. It is difficult to navigate without having Google Maps in front of you all the time. On my last trip back to Taiwan, I was being cheap and didn’t buy a data plan. I thought I would be fine if I pre-planned all my trips at home. And guess what? I was wrong!

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Taiwan Restaurant: Tetsuwan Teppan Ryori 鐵之腕 和風鐵板料理

If you asked me which foreign cuisine is the most popular in Taiwan, it would certainly be Japanese cuisine. Taiwan was under Japanese colonial rule from 1895-1945, during which the Japanese exerted great influence on Taiwanese culture. (I remember my grandma used to tell me that she had to learn Japanese in school) Despite the passage of time, we are still greatly surrounded by Japanese influence up to this day- we follow the Japanese fashion trends, watch Japanese drama, and eat Japanese food.

Kev loves Japanese cuisine, but living in Alberta makes it extremely difficult to find authentic Japanese food. I didn’t realize how intolerable that can be until I moved to Calgary. When we went back to Taiwan in April, his priority mission was to eat as much Japanese food as he could. With some research, I found a restaurant in the Taipei city that serves great okonomiyaki and is frequently visited by Japanese expats.


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