Calgary Restaurant: Vendome Cafe

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of restaurants opened early in the morning on weekends. When I said “early”, I mean 8 am. (Most restaurants in Calgary opens at around 10 or 11 am on Saturdays and Sundays). 2 weeks ago, before our trip to Banff, we were looking for places for a quick breakfast, but discovering that our favorite breakfast spots doesn’t open till a later time dashed our hopes. Only one place opens its door to early birds, Vendome Cafe.


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Calgary Restaurant: Lazy Loaf & Kettle Cafe & Bakery

Kev took me to Lazy Loaf & Kettle one day when we were studying together at the Foothills hospital. Apparently, it is the to-go place for hospital staff to grab a quick bite. It is literally just down the hill, 2 blocks away from Parkdale Park.



This quiet, old-fashioned place offered down-to-earth bake goods and homemade bread. At one point, I thought I walked into my grandma’s house 😛



Though the cafe was primarily occupied by loyal customers, it was a bit confusing for first-time visitor like me to figure out where and how to place my order. Here’s what you need to know: 1) look behind the cashier, the menu and daily (soup and salad) special would be written on the board; 2) if you’re ordering sandwich, pick up a paper form (see below), select your fillings and condiments; 3) pay and wait for your food!

sandwich order form

sandwich order form

Besides the all-time-available sandwiches, you can also find simple breakfast dishes like benny, or house-made lasagna here. Kev and I weren’t lucky enough to grab the last order of lasagna so we each got a sandwich instead.

One thing I needed to complain was that the wait time was way too long… It was during off-peak hours. We didn’t make a large order or order any complicated dish (unless you count making a sandwich a complex task). Nonetheless, we waited a good 20-minute for our meals. When we finally got our sandwiches, we were quite disappointed by the quality.

Kev ordered a whole Montreal smoked meat sandwich with a side of caesar salad.  The portion was generous, but the ingredients from the multigrain bread to the meat were pretty mediocre. The stale-tasting croutons made the experience even more unpleasant.


whole Montreal smoked meat sandwich with Caesar salad

I also ordered a Montreal smoked meat sandwich, just like Kev, but mine was half order with a side of tomato soup. Moreover, I selected a slightly different condiment and threw in a lot more other veggies. One thing I liked was the combination of cheese and cranberry sauce, adding the perfect sweet and tart. The soup was standard, filled with carrots, zucchini, onions, peas, celery and tomato.


I don’t remember the exact price of the sandwich, but I vaguely recalled it was slightly more expensive than Subway. Based on the fact that they make the bread from recipes handed down through generations and use only home-grown ingredients, I was expecting something more unique and tasty. Frustrated both by its food and customer service, I would not want to dine here again.
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Calgary Restaurant: Bumpy’s Cafe

bumpy's calgary interior

Have you ever gotten tired of dining out at fancy restaurants and all of a sudden, you just wanted to grab some comfort food?

Kev and I discovered a hidden gem in Beltline not too long ago as we searched for a brunch place on the weekend. On a cold, snowy day, all we wanted was something to comfort our tummy. That’s how we decided to check out Bumpy’s Cafe.  Continue reading

5 Cheap Eats You Can’t Miss in Seattle

One thing I really like about Seattle is that there are so many food choices. It can satisfy everyone, regardless of whether you’re eating on a frugal budget or you’re looking for a luxurious dining experience. This summer, we discovered a few great places in the city that serve tasty food at a valuable price. Below I listed out 5 spots that Kev and I will definitely go back next time we visit Seattle! Click to read more!

5 Must Eats at Seattle Pike Place Market

1. Pike Place Chowder

pike place chowder seattle

Hidden in Post Alley was the famous Pike Place Chowder, which is located right besides Rachel’s Ginger Beer. This little restaurant competed in this year’s Polar Seltzer Great Chowder Cook-Off and brought back a second-place win for best clam chowder and first-place for having the most spirited team! This place is so popular that you will always find a lineup that goes around the corner. The line even starts before the restaurant opens at 11 am. Kev and I visited here one day in the early afternoon, thinking that we would avoid the mad lunch rush. Nope, we still got stuck in a queue and ended up waiting for a good 20 mins. Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Red’s diner (4th street)


Red’s diner is a very popular breakfast and brunch restaurant in my neighborhood. If you go on a weekend, expect to wait in line before being seated. Kev and I went there purposely past the lunch hour on a Sunday, hoping that we could beat the crowd. Unfortunately, we had to wait a little bit for a table so we compromised and sat at the counter. Click to read more!

A Taste of Vegas (North Strip restaurants)

I know, my posts on Las Vegas were long overdue. I finally have time going through the photos taken on our Las Vegas trip. Looking through those food photos makes me want to go back there right now. Ah, so many nice restaurants. I can’t wait to share with you!! Click to read more!