Vancouver Restaurant: The Flying Pig


The main reason I love Vancouver so much (besides its temperate climate and beautiful coastlines) is the bustling food scene and higher restaurant standards. To find a decent, affordable restaurant is like shooting fish in a barrel. Even on a day when you feel spontaneous, you can’t go too wrong for just picking a random restaurant off the street.

This summer, when I wandered through Gastown, my friend suggested to check out The Flying Pig, which categories itself as a “nouveau Canadian Bistro” that offers a seasonally inspired menu with fresh, local ingredients.

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Calgary Restaurant: Farm


It is always tough to decide where to take your significant other for birthday treat. If you bring him/her to the exact same place year after year, you might be perceived as a dull person. If you pick a new restaurant but it turns out to be horrible, the special day is now ruined.  The art is to choose somewhere new AND somewhere you know s/he will love. That’s hell of a tough job! Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Red’s diner (4th street)


Red’s diner is a very popular breakfast and brunch restaurant in my neighborhood. If you go on a weekend, expect to wait in line before being seated. Kev and I went there purposely past the lunch hour on a Sunday, hoping that we could beat the crowd. Unfortunately, we had to wait a little bit for a table so we compromised and sat at the counter. Click to read more!