[Seoul] Breakfast in Myeongdong: Healthy Korean Traditional Porridge at Migabon (미가본)

After the usual heavy Korean meals, a bowl of healthy porridge is a great break in between. Instead of western-style pancake and bread,  I prefer to wake up with porridge 🙂 It’s good to know that porridge specialty shops are densely hidden all over Myeongdong. From the density it is obvious how much Koreans love porridges!

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[Seoul] Breakfast in Myeongdong: Milky White Ox-Bone Soup at Sinseon Seolleongtang (신선설농탕)

What do Koreans typically eat for breakfast? A traditional Korean breakfast is just like any other meal during the day. Remember when I was young, a good friend of mine was Korean and I would stayed over at her place over the weekends. Her mom would Click to read more!

[Seoul] 6 Coffee & Dessert Shops You Can’t Afford To Miss

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the cafes and dessert shops in Asia. Not to mention the spectacular-looking desserts, most cafes express a unique personality. What’s better way to enrich your day than surrounding yourselves with desserts and coffee? Even if you’re alone, sitting in a cafe can bring peace and inspiring ideas to your mind 😉

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[Seoul] The Most Comforting Bowl of Soondubu Jjigae at Jaedong Soondubu (재동순두부)

I still remember I had my first bowl of soondubu jjigae (spicy tofu stew) at BCD Tofu House in New York City. Bubbling in a hot-stone pot, the combination of soondubu (extra soft tofu), meat, seafood, vegetables in a spicy broth comforted me in the cold winter days. Undeniably, it has become my go-to Korean dish when I need something to warm up my belly.  Click to read more!

[Seoul] Late Night Snacks at Kinfolk Kitchen (킨포크키친) in Myeongdong

Have you ever been too indulged in shopping that you forgot eating, and when you realized, all nearby restaurants were already closed? Don’t be surprised. Even in a city that never sleeps like Seoul, we were wondering on the streets of Myeongdong empty-stomached. 10 pm was considered early in Seoul, but most shops and restaurants already started to close down at that hour. Kev and I desperately sought for a restaurant that was still open to provide some freshly made food, but to no avail.  Click to read more!

[Seoul] Spicy Pork Bone With Potato Soup at Idaejo Bbyeodagui (이대조뼈다귀)

Korean cuisine is not just about kimchi and BBQ. Soups and stews are extremely popular in Korea, especially during the cold winter. When Kev and I visited Seoul this summer, we stopped by a famous pork bone soup restaurant in Hongdae, in the midst of our a shopping spree madness. The umami-rich broth and mountainful of fresh ingredients definitely deserved a thumbs up! 


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Calgary Restaurant: Anju

As an aficionado of Korean cooking and Asian fusion cuisine, Anju had long been on my list of places to eat. The only reason I held off from dining there was Kev’s low tolerance for spicy food. Last month, when he finally suggested for us to eat there, I was ravished with delight!


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