Calgary Restaurant: Beltliner

Earlier this year, a new diner, Beltliner opened up on 12th Ave SW, near Victoria Park. Delighted with the addition of a brunch spot in our neighborhood, Kev and I dropped by for brunch soon after its opening.


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Calgary Restaurant: Red’s diner (4th street)


Red’s diner is a very popular breakfast and brunch restaurant in my neighborhood. If you go on a weekend, expect to wait in line before being seated. Kev and I went there purposely past the lunch hour on a Sunday, hoping that we could beat the crowd. Unfortunately, we had to wait a little bit for a table so we compromised and sat at the counter. Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Blue Star Diner

Our friend tried to bring us to here once on a weekend, but found out that it was at least a 40-min wait when we arrived. Not quite in the mood to wait that long, we gave up and went to another place to eat instead. One day, Kev had a day off on a weekday so we decided to take a trip to bridgeland and give this place another try. Lucky us- no wait at 11 am! images

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Restaurants Hopping in Sin City (Las Vegas South Strip)

In my last LV post, I shared with you our dining adventures to the North Strip restaurants. Today, let’s take a look at what’s worth visiting (and what’s not) on the South Strip!

Hash House A Go Go @ The Quad

Located on the second floor of The Quad hotel, Hash House A Go Go is a 24-hour diner-like restaurant. Walking down the aisle towards the restaurant, you can see celebrities’ autographs, awards and magazine articles it was featured in on the wall. We found out that it was featured on various TV shows, including “Man Vs. Food,” “Martha Stewart Show,” and “Rachel Ray’s Vacation,”  and is known for serving twisted farm food in oversized portions.  This place is quite famous indeed! 

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