Vancouver Restaurant: The Flying Pig


The main reason I love Vancouver so much (besides its temperate climate and beautiful coastlines) is the bustling food scene and higher restaurant standards. To find a decent, affordable restaurant is like shooting fish in a barrel. Even on a day when you feel spontaneous, you can’t go too wrong for just picking a random restaurant off the street.

This summer, when I wandered through Gastown, my friend suggested to check out The Flying Pig, which categories itself as a “nouveau Canadian Bistro” that offers a seasonally inspired menu with fresh, local ingredients.

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Calgary Restaurant: Carino Japanese Bistro


Not long ago, we visited Carino, a Japanese Italian fusion restaurant, with a few friends. The restaurant is hidden on the first floor of an old, tiny building. From the outside you could hardly tell it is a bistro+wine bar. However,  as soon as you walked in, you would feel as if you entered a totally different world. Click to read more!

Vancouver Restaurant: Cafe Medina


We weren’t lucky with the weather when we travelled to Vancouver. It started to get rainy and cold the day when we arrived, but that didn’t stop us from the food search in the city. We met up with our friends for brunch at Cafe Medina, a bistro cafe in gastown that is known for its waffles. This place doesn’t take reservations so we ended up waiting for a loooong time (30~40 mins) in the cold before our names got called.


We were taken towards the back of the restaurant which have additional space to accommodate larger parties. The high ceilings, wood paneling, and abstract paintings on the wall gave this place a stylish and modern look.

Vanilla Latte

Lavender Latte

Kev ordered the lavender latte ($3.85 for 8oz.).  He really enjoyed the pleasant taste of lavender. It wasn’t too sweet.



The fricasse ($16) that he ordered came with 2 fried eggs, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, balsamic onions, watercress and applewood cheddar, with grilled focaccia on the side. He was very happy with his choice. The short ribs were flavorful and very very tender. The remaining juice at the bottom of the skillet was slightly sweet which served as a perfect dipping sauce for the focaccia.



I ordered the paella ($13) which came with 1 fried egg, curried orzo, spicy chorizo, zucchini, red pepper, roasted corn, grano padano, watercress, avocado and tomato salad. Some of the orzo was crunchy, the texture was like the Chinese crispy rice (guoba). In terms of the taste, this dish contained a mixture of strong flavours- the curry sauce was very sour and the chorizo was very salty and not spicy at all. I was very disappointed with it and could barely finish half of it.

Waffle with White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater

Waffle with White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater

For dessert, we ordered the waffle ($3.15) with white chocolate pistachio rosewater ($1) as the topping. The waffle was alright- a bit crunchy on the outside and moist and soft inside. Not the best I’ve tried in Vancouver. (If you want excellent waffles, Nero Belgian Waffle Bar is your to-go place) The white chocolate pistachio rosewater topping was an unique, excellent blend. On the other hand, their milk chocolate lavender was just ordinary.

My review: The dining experience at Cafe Medina is like the mail order jelly belly’s. It’ll take a long time before you can enjoy. Some people are going to like what they get, others will be disappointed.

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Vancouver Restaurant: Twisted Fork Bistro


After some slacking, I’m finally back to writing my reviews on the restaurants we visited last month in Vancouver. Twisted Fork Bistro is one of our favorite brunch spots. It is in downtown Vancouver, located on Granville st, close to Davie st. The restaurant is small though so it is easy to miss its entrance. It will be much easier to find it if you look for the rusted twisted fork icon.


I heard that this place is often lined up on weekends. Luckily, it wasn’t as busy on the weekdays so we could grab a table without difficulty. I liked the cozy atmosphere and the artsy vibe of this place.

Spicy Italian Sausage and poached Eggs

Spicy Italian Sausage and Poached Eggs

All of their brunch dishes are of the same price, $13.50. I ordered the spicy Italian sausage and poached eggs, which are served with chipotle ratatouille, fresh fruit, sourdough toast and house made strawberry jam. The spicy sausage was a little crispy on the outside and a bit dry to eat it on its own, but it is a nice balance with the stewed veggies and poached eggs. We were really impressed with its sourdough toast and strawberry jam. The sourdough toast was very soft. Its housemade strawberry jam tasted natural and sweet, which served as an excellent complement to the toast. It was tempted to buy a jar of jam home (which was sold for $8.00 a jar).

Eggs Benny

Eggs Benny

Kev ordered the eggs benny with smoked salmon (as the filler), toasted brioche, poached eggs, hollandaise, and served with sauteed spinach, rosti and baked beans on the side. The brioche was dry if you ate it on its own. It tasted much much better if you poked the eggs, let the york run, and ate it together with the smoked salmon! The more you ate, the more you liked it. In contrast, the baked beans, sauteed spinach and muffins just tasted so-so.

My review: My experience of this place is like the pepperidge farm milano cookies- the more you eat, the more you want.

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