Seattle Restaurant: Kimchi House

Unlike any major cities in Canada, it is relatively easy to find restaurants in U.S. that serve huge portions of good food at affordable prices. Seattle is no exception. You can enjoy excellent food even with a tight budget. Want to know where to eat? Read previous post to find out more!

Today, I will show you a restaurant we found in Ballard that specializes in affordable, modern Korean food.  Click to read more!


Calgary Restaurant: Lava Dining

I never consider myself lucky in winning any lucky draw contest or lottery, but I was extremely fortunate this summer to become the winner for a free weekend brunch prize draw to Lava Dining as part of the Taste of Calgary event!! Kev and I had been eyeing this newly opened restaurant for weeks and this was a perfect opportunity for us to taste it for ourselves 😀 Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Gachi


I have very low tolerance for unauthentic Asian cuisine, especially for Japanese, Korean, Malaysian and Chinese food. I get it, this is not Asia. We can’t get 100% original dishes served to us all the time. You may argue that restaurants have to adapt to local tastes, just like Western fast food chains needed to “localize” their menu items as they entered the Asian market. True, but I also believe that by adding creativity and introducing elements of different culinary traditions to your food might be a smarter way to attract a broader group of diners. Today, I am sharing with you a restaurant we recently found that did just that! Click to read more!

Eat Like a Local in Vegas (Off the Strip Hidden Gems)

Hello everyone! I know it’s Monday. No one loves Monday. It’s the worst day of the week. But since you stop by my blog, I am going to make you feel better after reading this post. I promise 🙂

This will be the last post of my 2014 Las Vegas series (to read previous LV posts, please click here). And I save the best to the last. So I’m going to share with you my top 3 restaurants in Las Vegas. Get your notepad/evernote ready!

Hot n Juicy Crawfish @ Spring Mountain Road

If you are a big seafood lover and enjoy hot and spicy food, you certainly cannot miss Hot n Juicy Crawfish. The restaurant is featured on “Man VS Food” for its hottest crawfish in the country and has made it on the Cooking Channel’s Unique Eats Restaurant list.

Click to read more!