Calgary Restaurant: Suzette Bistro

Whenever I got a chance to stroll along 4th street, I would peek through the window of Suzette Bistro and check how busy it was. As a newly opened restaurant, it has been gaining quite a bit of attention. I constantly heard people around me mentioning about the wonderful French dishes it brought to the table. This summer, I got the chance to meet up with a fellow blogger, Candy from Candy Eats, for brunch. Since neither of us had dined at Suzette before, it made the perfect meet-up spot for food lovers like us!

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Vancouver Restaurant: Marutama Ra-men

After being disappointed by every single ramen shops in Calgary, Kev and I reached the conclusion that Vancouver is the ultimate place for ramen enjoyment in western Canada. On our trip to Vancouver this summer, we stopped by Marutama Ra-men to satiate our ramen craving and keep up with the noodle trend.


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Calgary Restaurant: Burger 320

This is the first year Kev and I attended Beakerhead, a week-long city-wide festival that celebrates engineered art. It did not only engage ingenious engineers, artists and scientists to showcase their talent and creativity, but also brought a whole new experimental dining experience to Calgarians. This year, creative chefs were called upon to explore a specific theme – eggs!

Looking through the list of participating restaurants in Engineered Eats, I recognized a burger place that we hadn’t explored yet – Burger 320. On top of that, it invented an intriguing, egg-citing dessert that made me curious to know how it tasted!

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[Seoul] The Most Comforting Bowl of Soondubu Jjigae at Jaedong Soondubu (재동순두부)

I still remember I had my first bowl of soondubu jjigae (spicy tofu stew) at BCD Tofu House in New York City. Bubbling in a hot-stone pot, the combination of soondubu (extra soft tofu), meat, seafood, vegetables in a spicy broth comforted me in the cold winter days. Undeniably, it has become my go-to Korean dish when I need something to warm up my belly.  Click to read more!

Calgary Restaurant: Market


There is a big movement in Calgary in the recent years towards local and sustainable sourced food to promote healthy eating. We began seeing many restaurants with a focus on quality of life and interest in building relationships with local farmers has come to dominate the food marketplace.  Click to read more!

[Seoul] Pre-Wedding Photo in Korea with Studio Wonkyu+ (Day 2)

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up early the second day getting ready for our wedding photography with Studio Wonkyu+ in Seoul, Korea. At around 8am, our translator, Sandra, picked us up at our hotel and sent us to Soonsoo to have our hair styled and makeup done. Located in the affluent Seoul district of Gangnam, Soonsoo is a beauty salon frequently visited by Korean celebrities, as evident by the autographs on the wall!! We might not be a super star in real life, but we were definitely treated like one that day!


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[Seoul] Immersing in Korean Traditional Culture at Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)

Just like any other metropolitan cities in the world, the streets of Seoul have been invaded by skyscrapers and high-rises. You could barely find the city’s historical footprints. Except one place…



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