Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Hello, everyone! Happy Friday~ I’ve got some good news to share with y’all. I got nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award!!! XD I am incredibly honored and grateful for this recognition. To be honest, blogging is not an easy task for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and sharing my experiences with people, but I am not a tech savvy person. Prior to starting this blog, I had zero knowledge of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, RSS feeds, coding, you name it. To make this blog more “reader-friendly”, I have spent hours and hours reading articles and tutorials. It is like learning a completely new language. Despite all the hurdles, it is rewarding to find people resonate with me. Thanks to this award, it gives me a reason to keep writing!

So, here is the process of accepting this award:

Thanking the blogger who nominated you. Special thanks to Anna from One Prickly Pear for the nomination. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and showing me a little love 🙂

Adding the Dragon’s Loyalty Award logo. Okay. Done.


Posting seven random facts about you.

  1. I have been living a nomadic lifestyle since birth. I was born in Taiwan, but raised in Penang, Malaysia (a beautiful tropical island). After high school, I moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada to complete my Bachelor’s degree. Then, I spent 1.5 years in New York to finish graduate school. Right after, I moved back to my home country, Taiwan, to work for 2 years. That’s where I met the love of my life and decided to come to Calgary, AB, Canada.
  2. I love Mickey Mouse. I have started collecting Mickey Mouse items since I was 18. My collection ranges from plush dolls, accessories, towels, cups, stationery to app wallpaper.
  3. I hate winter. Not surprising for someone who grew up on a tropical island. Summer is THE BEST. Period.
  4. I am a certified scuba diver. I fell in love with the ocean on my Palau trip in 2012. Immediately after, I signed up for scuba diving lessons so that I can go explore the magical underwater world whenever I want!
  5. I got my driver’s license when I was 21, but I have never driven on the road since then. (Well, a big plus for living in big cities is that you don’t need a car to get around)
  6. I make my own soaps. Handmade soaps leave my skin silky smooth and they are super easy to make!
  7. My favorite appetizer is Thai green papaya salad. If you have a secret recipe, please pass it along to me. Or even better, send the salad over!!

Nominating 10 bloggers. Here are my nominees for the award. I’ve selected the following bloggers who are dedicated to share their passion in culinary, food and traveling. And I always have a great time reading their blogs.

Once again, many thanks to Anna and congrats to all the nominees 🙂


Cat ❤


6 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Haha you sound like me, hate the winter, love the summer but somehow ended up in Van! I lived there for a year then moved back to NZ & Oz only to be in there winter! So I won’t have a summer again until dec! 😦

    • Awww… It’s okay. At least, you are closer to the tropics than I am. Go on a winter holiday to Indonesia or the nearest tropical island to escape the cold!!

    • I agree! Traveling and living abroad is the best thing ever happened in my life. Although it makes fostering long-term relationships difficult and I get lonely sometimes, I am always amazed by what the world has to offer.

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