Taiwan Restaurant: 花月嵐拉麵 Kagetsu Arashi Ramen

Japanese ramen is something we could not miss when going back to Taiwan. Because of how geographically close Taiwan is to Japan (and our constant craving for Japanese food), authentic Japanese restaurants are plentiful in Taiwan.

In this post, I am going to introduce to you one of our favorite Japanese ramen places in Taiwan. Kagetsu Arashi Ramen is one of the biggest ramen chains in Japan with more than 200 stores. In 2007, it expanded abroad and came to Taiwan. Now, there are more than 15 branches all over Taiwan.

Source: Kagetsu Arashi Official Website

Source: Kagetsu Arashi official website

At peak hours, there is always a queue outside the restaurant. The bad news is- they don’t take reservations. To avoid the wait, my advice is don’t go during rush hours. If you can’t, at least make sure you are not super hungry.

Source: Kagetsu Arashi Official Website

Source: Kagetsu Arashi Official Website

The restaurant is spacious with plenty of seats, with sofa cubicles on the sides and a big sharing table in the middle. Despite how roomy it is, it is still constantly packed with people. You can tell how popular it is.

Kagetsu Arashi Ramen is known for its garlic, pork bone broth that provides high collagen content and natural sweet flavor. Kev ordered their No.1 ramen- garlic genkotsu ramen (NT$160). I couldn’t resist ordering the spicy garlic genkotsu ramen (NT$190). (Yes, I am a spicy maniac). You can order extra ingredients to add to your ramen by paying extra NT$30. You can also pay extra to upgrade your ramen to a set meal.

On the table, an army of condiments is provided to you, including black pepper, white vinegar, chili oil, nanami togarashi (seven spices seasoning), perilla seasoning, secret soy sauce and spicy chinese chives. (so much selection!) Most of the time, I just added some spicy chinese chives to my ramen for a hint of oniony flavor.


The garlic genkotsu ramen was served with a sheet of seaweed, green onion, dried bamboo shoot, soft-boiled egg and slices of barbecued pork belly (cha siu). The broth looked very milky and had a rich flavor with strong garlicky taste. This is how I like it. Together with the chewy noodles and tender pork belly slices… What a perfect combination! If you find the broth too salty, you can ask the staff to dilute it by adding some clear broth. If you prefer it to be more garlicky, you can ask for additional raw garlic (it’s free!). They will bring extra garlic and a garlic press to your table. (I always ask for extra garlic. Garlic is good for health!)

Garlic genkotsu ramen

Garlic genkotsu ramen

My ramen is just the spicy version of Kev’s ramen.

Spicy garlic genkotsu ramen

Spicy garlic genkotsu ramen

We ordered two side dishes-  deep-fried pork chop (NT$120) and bean sprouts with minced pork (NT$40). Pork chop tasted alright. A bit pricey. Bean sprouts were slightly salty. It would go better with a rice dish.

Deep-fried pork chop

Deep-fried pork chop

Bean sprouts with minced pork

Bean sprouts with minced pork

If you like strong flavored ramen, Kagetsu Arashi Ramen is the place to go. Occasionally, they offer limited seasonal ramen flavors. In the past, they had golden miso ramen, black monster, goma tantanmen (胡麻擔擔麵), curry Jack ramen etc. Never lack of options.

What’s your favorite ramen restaurant in your country?

About Kagetsu Arashi Ramen
Address: 2nd floor of Taipei Main Station (and various other locations)
Website: http://www.kagetsu.com.tw/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arashi.tw

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